How to become a patient of our clinic?

To become a patient of the Health Clinic in Rumia, you must complete and sign the declaration of choosing a primary care physician. We also encourage you to choose a health visitor and community midwife (the choice of a community midwife is for women).

In order to submit a declaration, please go to registration at our Clinic.

The patient should have an identity document with a photo and PESEL number

  • ID card,
  • passport,
  • driving license.
  • dzieci – legitymację szkolną.

The declaration can also be submitted via the website

Price-list of services

  • Conducting a pregnancy od 250
  • Gynecological consultation + ultrasound od 250
  • Gynecological consultation + ultrasound + cytology od 300
  • Prenatal examination od 400
  • 3D pregnancy ultrasound 350

Specialist doctors

bow. med. Małgorzata Holke

bow. med. Adam Prądzyński

bow. Joanna Witkowska

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