The processing time for prescriptions is 7 business days.

Prescription orders can be placed by phone or e-mail.

tel. (58) 671-72-10

e-mail: recepta@panaceum-rumia.pl

  1. Without contacting a doctor, you can obtain prescriptions for drugs used in chronic diseases, as long as there is information on this subject in the patient's documentation.
  2. Without contacting a doctor, you cannot obtain a prescription for emergency or temporary antibiotics.
  3. Medicines prescribed by specialist doctors are prescribed based on current information from the specialist.
  4. If drugs from the above groups are used chronically, written information from a specialist is required.
  5. Medicines can only be prescribed to insured persons, based on verification in the EWUŚ system.
  6. We do not accept orders for applications, certificates and others.

For the safety of patients, the final verification of the validity of continuing therapy with a specific drug is made by the doctor, who has the right to refuse part or all of the order, provided that it results from the belief, justified by medical knowledge, that it may cause negative consequences for the patient.


The text of the Regulations for placing an order for chronically used drugs is available at Registration Panaceum Sp. z o. o